Aero Performance: APR vs. Varis for Evo

Aero Performance: APR vs. Varis for Evo – Battle of the Titans! ===

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When it comes to enhancing the performance of your Mitsubishi Evo, there are few modifications more impactful than upgrading its aerodynamics. The right aero kit can not only improve the overall look of your Evo, but also enhance its handling and stability at high speeds. In this article, we will dive deep into the battle between two titans of the aero performance world: APR and Varis. Prepare to be enlightened as we explore the importance of aero performance, the benefits of APR and Varis aero kits, and ultimately, which one reigns supreme for Evo enthusiasts.

===Understanding the importance of Aero Performance in your Evo===

Before we delve into the specific kits available, it is vital to comprehensively grasp the significance of aero performance for your Evo. Every well-engineered sports car, including the Evo, possesses inherent aerodynamic characteristics that can be optimized to improve its performance. By effectively managing airflow around and through the vehicle, a properly designed aero kit can increase downforce, reduce drag, and improve overall stability.

Aerodynamic improvements not only benefit high-speed performance but also have a significant impact on cornering abilities. With enhanced downforce, your Evo can maintain better traction, enabling you to take curves with confidence and precision. Additionally, reduced drag results in improved fuel efficiency and increased top speed potential. When it comes to unleashing the true potential of your Mitsubishi Evo, investing in a high-quality aero kit is a no-brainer.

===APR Aero Kits: Unleash the Beast in your Evo’s Performance===

APR, a renowned name in the automotive industry, offers a wide range of aero kits specifically designed for the Mitsubishi Evo. These kits are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional aerodynamic performance while seamlessly blending with the Evo’s iconic design. APR Aero kits incorporate advanced technology, such as computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), to ensure precision fitment and maximum performance gains.

One of the standout features of APR Aero kits is their carbon fiber construction. Carbon fiber offers an ideal balance between lightweight construction and superior strength, resulting in improved overall handling and reduced weight. APR Aero kits also feature aggressive styling, which not only enhances the visual appeal of your Evo but also improves airflow management for optimal aerodynamic efficiency.

===Varis Aero Kits: Elevate your Evo’s Performance to Another Level===

Varis, another prominent player in the aftermarket aero performance scene, has developed a reputation for creating top-notch products that push the boundaries of design and performance. Varis Aero kits for the Evo are meticulously crafted using premium materials and cutting-edge technology to provide unrivaled aerodynamic gains and stunning visual appeal.

Varis Aero kits are engineered with a focus on both form and function. Their designs strike a perfect balance between aggressive looks and optimized aerodynamic performance. These kits feature a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber components, resulting in a lightweight yet durable construction. With Varis Aero kits, your Evo will not only turn heads on the street but also carve through corners with unmatched stability and precision.

=== Comparing APR and Varis Aero Kits for Evo: Pros and Cons ===

Both APR and Varis offer exceptional aero kits for the Evo, but there are notable differences between the two. APR Aero kits generally prioritize performance over visual aesthetics, focusing on aggressive lines and aerodynamic efficiency. On the other hand, Varis Aero kits strike a balance between performance and visual appeal, allowing for a more personalized and eye-catching look.

In terms of material, APR utilizes carbon fiber extensively, providing lightweight components with uncompromising strength. Varis, on the other hand, incorporates a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber to achieve a balance between weight reduction and affordability. It is essential to consider your priorities and budget when deciding which kit suits your preferences and goals.

=== The Verdict: Which Aero Kit reigns supreme for Evo enthusiasts? ===

Choosing between APR and Varis Aero kits for your Evo ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you prioritize pure performance improvements and are willing to invest in carbon fiber construction, APR Aero kits are the way to go. With APR’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, you can be sure to unleash the beast in your Evo’s performance.

Alternatively, if you seek a balance between aerodynamic gains and striking visual appeal, Varis Aero kits offer a compelling option. With their meticulous craftsmanship and a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber components, Varis Aero kits can elevate your Evo’s performance to another level while turning heads wherever you go.

In the end, the choice is yours, Evo enthusiasts. Whichever aero kit you choose, APR or Varis, you will undoubtedly enhance your Evo’s performance and exude an undeniable aura of power and style on the road.


As the battle of the titans concludes, it’s clear that both APR and Varis offer exceptional aero kits for the Evo, each with its own unique strengths and characteristics. Whichever path you choose, remember to prioritize your goals and preferences to ensure the perfect combination of performance and visual appeal. Whether you decide to unleash the beast with APR or elevate your Evo to another level with Varis, one thing is for certain – your Mitsubishi Evo will be transformed into a true powerhouse on the road.