What are the benefits of upgrading to adjustable coilovers for optimized suspension setups in a 2015 Nissan GT-R?


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Upgrading the suspension system in your 2015 Nissan GT-R can greatly enhance its performance on the road or track. One popular option for achieving optimized suspension setups is the installation of adjustable coilovers. These coilovers offer a range of benefits that can transform your driving experience. From improved handling and cornering performance to increased stability and better traction, adjustable coilovers can unlock the full potential of your GT-R. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of upgrading to adjustable coilovers and explore how they can elevate your driving experience.

Improved Handling and Cornering Performance

By upgrading to adjustable coilovers, you can significantly enhance your GT-R’s handling and cornering capabilities. The adjustable nature of these coilovers allows you to fine-tune the suspension settings to match your driving preferences and the specific road conditions. Whether you prefer a stiffer setup for aggressive driving or a softer setup for a more comfortable ride, adjustable coilovers give you the flexibility to dial in the perfect balance between comfort and performance. This improved handling and cornering performance can provide you with the confidence to take on tight corners and challenging roads with ease.

Additionally, adjustable coilovers offer a reduction in body roll during cornering. The stiffer spring rates and adjustable damping allow for greater control over weight transfer, minimizing body roll and creating a more stable driving experience. This means that as you navigate through sharp corners, your GT-R will feel planted and composed, improving both the handling and overall driving enjoyment.

Enhanced Suspension Adjustability for Personalized Driving Experience

One of the primary advantages of adjustable coilovers is their ability to provide a personalized driving experience. With coilovers, you have the freedom to adjust various suspension settings, including ride height, damping, and rebound. This level of customization allows you to tailor the car’s suspension to your preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

The ride height adjustment feature offers the ability to lower or raise your GT-R’s suspension to fit your desired aesthetics and driving conditions. Lowering the ride height can improve aerodynamics, reduce body roll, and enhance stability, especially during high-speed driving. On the other hand, raising the ride height can be beneficial when encountering uneven or bumpy surfaces, providing increased ground clearance and preventing potential damage to the undercarriage.

Damping and rebound adjustments are equally significant. Adjustable coilovers allow you to fine-tune the shock absorber settings, enabling you to soften or stiffen the suspension according to your liking. This customization ensures that your GT-R’s suspension responds precisely to the changing road conditions, providing an optimal driving experience in various scenarios.

Increased Stability and Reduced Body Roll

One of the most noticeable benefits of upgrading to adjustable coilovers is the increased stability and reduced body roll they provide. The stiffer spring rates offered by coilovers help keep the GT-R planted to the road, even during aggressive driving maneuvers. This added stability ensures that your car remains composed and predictable, allowing you to take corners with confidence and precision.

Moreover, adjustable coilovers offer better weight distribution and control over body roll. The ability to fine-tune the suspension settings enables you to reduce the amount of body roll when cornering, resulting in improved stability and handling. This reduction in body roll allows for more precise steering inputs and minimizes the risk of understeer or oversteer, making your GT-R feel more responsive and connected to the road.

Better Traction and Grip for Improved Acceleration

Upgrading to adjustable coilovers can significantly improve the traction and grip of your 2015 Nissan GT-R. The stiffer spring rates and adjustable damping allow for better weight transfer during acceleration, resulting in improved traction and reduced wheel spin. This enhanced grip means that you can launch your GT-R with confidence, maximizing acceleration and reducing the time it takes to reach high speeds.

Furthermore, adjustable coilovers enable you to fine-tune the suspension settings to suit different driving conditions. This means that you can adapt your GT-R’s suspension to provide optimal traction on various surfaces, whether it’s a smooth track or a bumpy road. The improved traction and grip offered by adjustable coilovers can make a noticeable difference in your GT-R’s overall performance and acceleration capabilities.

Customizable Ride Height and Lowering Options

Adjustable coilovers offer the advantage of fully customizable ride height and lowering options. This allows you to achieve the desired stance and aesthetics for your GT-R, while also improving its performance. Lowering the ride height not only enhances the car’s appearance but also reduces aerodynamic drag, resulting in improved high-speed stability and efficiency.

Furthermore, adjustable ride height allows you to fine-tune the suspension setup to suit specific driving conditions. For example, if you plan to participate in track days or aggressive driving, you can lower the ride height to improve handling and reduce weight transfer. On the other hand, if you encounter rough or uneven roads, raising the ride height can provide increased ground clearance and prevent potential damage to the undercarriage. This level of customization ensures that your GT-R is versatile and adaptable to your driving needs.

Compatibility with Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades

Another advantage of upgrading to adjustable coilovers is their compatibility with aftermarket suspension upgrades. Coilovers can work in conjunction with other suspension modifications, such as sway bars, camber kits, and control arms, to further enhance your GT-R’s performance. This compatibility allows you to create a comprehensive suspension setup that maximizes the car’s potential on the road or track.

By combining adjustable coilovers with other aftermarket suspension components, you can fine-tune your GT-R’s handling characteristics to suit your driving style and performance goals. Whether you’re aiming for a more aggressive track setup or a comfortable street setup, adjustable coilovers provide the foundation for a highly customizable and optimized suspension system.


Upgrading to adjustable coilovers in your 2015 Nissan GT-R offers a multitude of benefits that can transform your driving experience. From improved handling and cornering performance to enhanced suspension adjustability and increased stability, these coilovers unlock the full potential of your GT-R on the road or track. With the ability to fine-tune suspension settings, achieve the desired ride height, and combine with aftermarket upgrades, adjustable coilovers offer a comprehensive solution for an optimized suspension setup. So, if you’re looking to elevate your GT-R’s performance and personalize your driving experience, consider upgrading to adjustable coilovers and take your driving enjoyment to new heights.